Greetings!  I'm Andrew Lukonis, the owner of Lukonis Violins.  I'm so glad that you found our website and hope that you'll stay awhile to take a good look around.  You may have already noticed, but things are a little bit different here.

I'm one of those people who enjoys the thrill of blazing new trails and when it comes to violins, it's no different.  Unlike traditional violinists, I began taking lessons as an adult.  Learning to play seemed to come very naturally to me, however.  I intuitively understood how the violin worked and even began to make improvements to this timeless instrument just weeks after holding one for the first time.  For instance, I designed & created a custom chin rest cover that solved nearly all of my playing discomfort and is now in the process of being patented.

It didn't take long before I fell in love with the beauty, sound, and versatility of the violin.  I practiced for hours every day, I watched countless videos of performing violinists for ideas to help improve my technique, and I was even fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity to join a local orchestra within nine months of my first violin lesson.

When the time came to purchase my own quality violin, I researched everything I could find about the subject in order to make the best decision.  The knowledge I acquired through this process was invaluable, which I would later turn into a public blog that received many views every day.  You will find that same information on this site to help you as well.

Certainly, I still have a long way to go before I'm as proficient as I would like to be as a violinist.  But when my career in the pharmaceutical industry took me down a path I no longer wished to follow, I was once again inspired to forge a new one.  So I boldly left the corporate world to follow my intrepid passion for the violin and together with my drive for entrepreneurship, Lukonis Violins was founded in the Spring of 2013.

Because I personally know how daunting it can be to shop for a new violin, I wanted to create a unique experience that focused only on the positive aspects of violin buying.  Looking for a new violin to call your very own should be fun & exciting!  It should also be educational, empowering you with the knowledge & confidence that you've made the best choice.  And most importantly, it should be affordable, because I believe that following your dreams is a much better measure of success than how much is in your bank account.

Lukonis Violins is operated out of my home studio in Raleigh, NC.  I chose to do this because it greatly reduces overhead expenses so that I can pass those savings onto you.  I also wanted to encourage a refreshing atmosphere of hospitality, leaving behind that stuffy high-brow attitude.  So literally, you can check your coat, your shoes, and your ego at the door.  Just come in, relax, and play some violins!  Or if you’re at a distance, you can simply purchase the same violins from our store directly online.

While Lukonis Violins may not be the typical violin super warehouse that you're used to, you can rest assured that I'll try my hardest to provide you, your child, or your student with the best violin buying experience possible because that's what I love to do.


Thanks for stopping by!