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7835 Silverthread Ln. Raleigh, NC 27617

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"My profession as a violin teacher requires that I have a quality violin that can also withstand the hazards of working with little children. At first, I thought the violin I bought from Andrew would just be used for lessons, but now I find that I enjoy playing it much more than my higher priced one!"

Karen Fohr

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"As I played through each and every violin, the notecards held true to their stories and I was excited and thrilled to go on and try the next! I recommend Lukonis Violins to all of my students who are looking for a high-quality instrument at a very reasonable cost."

Autumn Brand

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"This was an amazing project with great people and tons of fun! All the best to my friend Andrew and Lukonis Violins!"

Wayne Myers - Wayne Anthony Photography

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"I highly recommend Lukonis Violins for every player seeking a new violin, especially newer players who want some gentle guidance along the way."

Steven Israel

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"I have owned my violin from Lukonis for well over 6 months. The instrument is beautiful and still has the same pure tone as in the studio when I tested it out. I had a few business cards from my appointment, and I gave them all away to curious musicians who liked my review. I definitely love my violin, and maybe next time I'll return to an even larger studio in a few years to buy another!"

Alex S. Grove

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"To say that I am inexperienced when it comes to music and not just the violin, would be an understatement. I had anticipated the process of buying a violin to be tedious and stressful. But working closely with Andrew made the process pleasant. I can safely say that the buying experience I had with Lukonis has inspired me to learn and to play!"

Chris Comi

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"My recent purchase from Andrew at Lukonis has been put to good use. The initial visit was welcoming & cozy. Overall the experience was great and I couldn't have asked for a better quality violin since I'm just a beginner. I believe this violin will be like my right-hand man for quite some time :)"

Anna Munoz

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"I recently purchased a violin from Lukonis Violins and cannot be happier with my new instrument! Not only was Andrew extremely knowledgeable and provided keen insight into how violins are made, but it was a pleasurable experience. His quality of violins are outstanding and each one is so different! His underlying love for violins will come through and help you to find that perfect one."

Jill Kompa

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"Just wanted to get back to you about how pleased I am with the violin! After playing regularly for about 2 months, I love the sound and have had lots of complements about it. I find I can play some tunes that I had "faked" my way through on my other fiddles."

Les Reinlib

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"I really like your shop!"

- too many to name!